The Yellow Bike program in Lexington Kentucky ended some time ago and so we have transformed this website into a place to just talk about bicycles of all types. If you are a hard-core cyclist or just someone who takes his or her bicycle out on bright, sunny days, then read on and enjoy our many articles. If biking isn't for you, then some good binary trading tips online may help. Indeed yellow bikes are the subject of this blog, but we like the entire spectrum of bicycles. Blue bikes, red bikes for kids, mountain bikes for men and women, you name it. There is also time to play at the best euro casinos and make money. We believe in safe riding, bicycle helmets and the proper riding gear for a happy, healthy experience on two wheels.


Anytime you plan a trip, you should definitely consider your options when it comes to biking. This can help make your trip more enjoyable. You will also get the necessary exercise to keep you fit. This will help burn off the extra calories you take in on the road.

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